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2 Baton Rouge business owners face drug trafficking charges

Severe penalties can be imposed upon Louisiana residents convicted of drug crimes. The harshness of punishments handed down by state and federal courts is determined by several factors, including drug type, quantity and the alleged action taken with the drug, from drug possession for personal use to drug trafficking. Laws also forbid possessing or buying certain chemicals used to cultivate or manufacture drugs.

Two Baton Rouge business owners, a 41-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman, were among 11 people recently arrested in Louisiana and four other states. A federal grand jury indicted the defendants on smuggling, conspiracy and money laundering charges. Prosecutors allege that the drug ring purchased chemicals from China to create and sell synthetic marijuana in the U.S.

Data for sex offenses in Louisiana: What's the truth?

Sex offenses are serious crimes that can leave those accused with a ruined reputation. There are several statistics that show the number of sex crimes is dropping in Louisiana, despite the number of people charged with sex crimes every day. According to the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault, in 2009, forcible rapes were estimated at 30.3 per 100,000 inhabitants, so it's not as common as some would have you think.

Individual risk factors, like antisocial tendencies or hostility toward women, have been named as things to look out for when investigating sex crimes. That shouldn't be all there is to base the case on, though, since hostility could be circumstantial or antisocial tendencies could just be someone being shy. There are a number of ways to look at these supposed criminal characteristics, and they aren't always what they appear. Relationship factors include association with aggressive or delinquent peers, being in an unsupportive family environment or having a violent home life with few resources; these factors shouldn't immediately mean that someone accused of sexual assault is thought of as being guilty.

Louisiana foster child’s statement prompts rape charges

The truth in criminal cases doesn't appear magically to exonerate a defendant. It's not enough for an innocent East Baton Rouge Parish defendants charged with sex offenses to wait for truth to surface. Louisiana prosecutors, judges and juries must be convinced a defendant did not commit a crime, especially when allegations involve socially-repugnant child sexual abuse.

Two men, ages 41 and 42, are in custody following revelations by a 7-year-old girl in foster care. The child and a 3-year-old girl were removed from their home two months ago by the Department of Children and Family Services. The children had been living in filthy conditions in a Wilson mobile home in East Feliciana Parish.

Louisiana man indicted for murder of fiancee's daughter

Baton Rouge defendants charged with serious crimes are under the microscope at all times. An arrest, media coverage, police interviews, formal charges, court appearances and incarceration are bewildering, stressful experiences. Criminal words and actions can be used to his or her legal advantage or disadvantage.

A 43-year-old Louisiana man was indicted recently on a first-degree murder charge for the death of his fiancee’s daughter. St. James Parish authorities jailed the man for obstructing justice during in an investigation to find the 12-year-old girl, missing since the first of the month. The child’s decomposed body was discovered the Sunday after her disappearance in a cane field, along a road reportedly used by the defendant to go to his job.

Conviction in fatal Louisiana drunk driving accident

A man who was involved in a deadly crash in which at least one vehicle burst into flames was convicted of vehicular homicide in July of 2014. The accident happened out on the I-10 interstate, between Baton Rouge and Prairieville, in Louisiana. The man was facing five counts – one for each person who died in the accident – and he was convicted on all of those counts. It only took the jury around 90 minutes to come up with their verdict.

According to sources, the accident was spurred by a game of chase that two drivers were playing on the interstate. The man, who was intoxicated at the time, could not control his pickup truck. It flew off of the roadway, went over the median between the westbound and eastbound lanes, and jumped up onto the other side of the highway. There, the truck slammed into a car coming the opposite direction.

Trial begins for Louisiana man charged with 2 counts of murder

The trial of a Louisiana man, who has been accused of murder, began on a recent Tuesday. The man is suspected of killing two individuals over a disagreement about money and drugs. According to authorities, he is the second man accused of murdering two victims who were discovered dead in the trunk of an abandoned automobile a little over three years ago.

Prosecutors allege that the murder victims went to the home of the man on Super Bowl Sunday in 2011 to watch the game. Reportedly, one of the victims was a childhood friend of the defendant. Prosecutors believe that the man and his alleged co-conspirator killed the two victims for the purpose of obtaining money drugs. The victims were shot by a firearm, point-blank in the head, and dumped in the trunk of an abandoned Saturn Ion.

Baton Rouge man pleads guilty to insider trading

A man from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has appeared in court and pleaded guilty on charges of insider trading. The man previously worked for the Shaw Group in his position as an executive for the company.

According to reports from the prosecution, they think that he brought in somewhere around $750,000 illegally. This money did not all go directly to him, but it was divided between him and one of his relatives.

3 Baton Rouge state auditors charged with white collar crimes

Evidence is just as important to a criminal defendant's case as it is to prosecutors. It's essential for a defense attorney to enter a white collar crime case as soon as a Louisiana defendant suspects or knows he or she will be charged. Early retention of legal counsel helps defendants avoid mistakes, like self-incrimination, and gives attorneys valuable time to review and dispute evidence.

Three Baton Rouge state auditors have been charged by the federal government with corrupt practices. The ex-employees of the state's Children Family Services department allegedly misused corporate charge cards and manipulated documents for personal gain. The most recent fraud charges were brought against a 33-year-old man, whose duties included monitoring fraud for the CFS department.

Man faces 7 years in prison for drunk driving crash and fatality

A Louisiana district judge determined that a man should serve seven years in prison for a fatal crash that took place in September 2012. Authorities say that the woman who became the victim in the accident was driving a 2013 Lincoln on La. 73 when the man tried to pass her in a no-passing zone. His vehicle crashed head-on into a cement truck, and that truck then hit the woman's vehicle, according to law enforcement.

The man's blood alcohol content was found only to be 0.09 three hours following the crash. In Louisiana, 0.08 is the limit for being found to be drunk driving.

No motive revealed by police after Louisiana murder arrest

East Baton Rouge defendants face no greater challenge than when they are accused of taking someone's life. In Louisiana, a murder conviction can lead to lifetime imprisonment or a death sentence. Any criminal allegation that involves death is a homicide charge, but facts determine whether a killing was justified or murder.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recently joined police in Alexandria in a crime investigation involving the disappearance of a woman. Family members notified authorities about their missing relative May 30, after the woman could not be located and didn't show up for work for two days. Investigators found the woman's body in a burned car on June 1.

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