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Government officials involved in bribery charges

Bribery is not only unethical, it is also against the law. Bribery is accepting gifts or anything of value in exchange for a favor. Bribes may be taken by public officials or government officials using their office as a way to make illegal money. Charges on the account of bribery at the public office are not taken lightly by the government.

Dealing with charges of drug manufacturing and cultivation

Federal and state laws prohibit the cultivation and manufacturing of illegal substances. If you are involved in the production of drugs, you will be charged with a felony. If you are found guilty, there could be hefty fines as well as several years in prison. The type of drug being manufactured plays an important role in the number of years you spend in prison.

Can you refuse to take the breathalyzer test?

A breathalyzer is a device that estimates alcohol levels in a person's blood. In the US, it is often used by police officers to check whether a driver is intoxicated. The test is fairly simple and plays an important role in successful convictions. The test has become fairly common but some people are still unaware of their rights when it comes to the breathalyzer test.

Age of consent a major factor in statutory rape cases

Statuary rape is the act of having sexual relations with someone below the age of consent. According to the law, people below a certain age cannot consent to having sexual relations. Each state defines its own age of consent. The age of consent in the state of Louisiana is seventeen.

Statuary rape is the act of having sexual relations with someone below the age of consent. According to the law, people below a certain age may not consent to having sexual relations. Each state defines its own age of consent. The age of consent in the state of Louisiana is seventeen.

What qualifies as aggravated assault?

Serious forms of assault usually involve a deadly weapon and are called aggravated assaults. Using a deadly weapon with the intention of bodily harm to another person qualifies as aggravated assault. The circumstances of the incident play an important role in determining the outcome of such cases. The assault could be a result of rape, kidnapping, robbery or domestic abuse. Using a deadly weapon could result in aggravated assault charges. These charges are considered felonies, as compared to simple assaults, which are misdemeanors. There are several factors that decide whether an assault was aggravated.

The deadly weapon involved may or may not cause injury to the victim. Even if the perpetrator had the intention of striking fear in the heart of the victim, they will be charged with aggravated assault. Weapons that could lead to serious injury or death qualify as deadly weapons; things like guns, pocket knives or blades. The manner in which the weapon is used also determines whether it is dangerous.

Insurance fraud charge and defense

Insurance fraud is the act of obtaining fraudulent outcome from an insurance policy. Insurance is used as a form of risk management for protection against uncertain losses. But when large sums of money become involved, people might try to deceive the system for personal gain.

Identity theft laws in the U.S.

Identity theft is the act of obtaining another person's identity and private information through illegal means. Personal and economic data of the victim is usually obtained through force or deceptive techniques. Using another person's identity is illegal in most states, and could have severe consequences.

Elements that constitute a forgery offense

Forgery may be defined as the act of faking a signature or an entire document with the intent of deceiving or earning a profit. A forged document is often called a false document. Copying other people's original work like art, music or other productions is also classified as forgery.

Reasons for driving license revocation

Serious offenses on and off the road may result in the suspension of your driving license. Repeating these violations several times may lead to revocation. If your driving license gets revoked, you cannot drive a vehicle for a specific time period. After this period, though, you can apply for a new license. However, your application might still be denied by the state because of your previous offenses. The reasons for revocation of your license can be both driving and non-driving related.

Embezzlement types and warning signs

Embezzlement is the withholding and conversion of assets by a person who has been trusted by the organization. Businesses might experience embezzlement by a trusted employee with authorization to move fund around. It is considered as theft and could lead to severe ramifications for anyone involved. Businesses who feel money is being embezzled might want to stay vigilant. Employees may embezzle money using several different techniques.

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