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Three charged with drug crimes in Louisiana

There are primarily two different classifications of criminal activity: misdemeanors and felonies. Both types of crimes are extremely serious, and they can both leave lasting impressions on your social status, job prospects and more, but felonies are undoubtedly the more serious of the two. This is because the penalties for a felony are often significantly greater than the penalties for a misdemeanor, with fines and jail time often being extremely high.

Helping Louisiana residents take advantage of their rights

One of the most important parts of the criminal justice system is having a complete understanding of your rights. Many people who are accused of murder do not fully know what they are and are not entitled to, and this can sometimes land them in trouble with the law. For example, most people know that anything they say can and will be used against them in a court of law, but did you know that the opposite is not true?

Thanks to the United States Constitution, you have the right to remain silent if you are suspected of a crime, meaning that you do not have to tell the police anything. If you accidentally say something that is self-incriminating, the officer can and will use that against you if the case goes to trial in order to see you convicted. However, if you tell an officer something that points to your innocence, that officer is under no obligation to present that evidence in the courtroom.

Legal penalties of an identity theft conviction

Often, we talk about white collar crime in terms of fraud or embezzlement, indicating theft or trickery designed to steal money from a large company or corporation. It is important to remember that many different criminal acts fall under the umbrella of white collar crime, and despite what the name may indicate, the victims of these crimes are not always corporations. Sometimes, individuals can claim that they are the victim of white collar crime, the most common type being identity theft.

When consensual sex can still be illegal

There are many different sex crimes recognized under the law, and most people are familiar with a great deal of them. Many of the sexual acts that are treated as crimes involve sexual contact or familiarity between two people that is non-consensual, meaning that there is at least one party who does not desire any kind of sexual contact. Additionally, inability to consent may lead to a sex crime, even if both parties do desire the contact. This generally occurs with minors who are not legally allowed to provide consent, even if they desire the sexual relations.

Man pleads not guilty to killing of Louisiana officer

Make no mistake: first-degree murder is one of the most serious criminal charges that any person can face in any state in the country. If you or anyone you know finds himself or herself facing first-degree murder charges, then it is imperative that you seek legal assistance to help you build a case for your defense as soon as possible. However, when it comes to first-degree murder charges, there are some cases that are more serious than others, and these cases should be handled with careful attention.

A man has recently been accused of killing a Louisiana police officer, and he is being charged with first-degree murder. He has plead not guilty, but if he is convicted, the state may seek the death penalty. The next hearing for the case will take place in late December, but the circumstances of the case are not currently widely available.

Legal defense is extremely important for sex crimes

There are many different criminal acts that are punishable offenses under United States law, including things like possession of drugs, fraud and more. Certain crimes, those in which the victim is always an individual or number of individuals, fall under the umbrella of crimes against a person. These crimes include acts such as murder, theft and assault. While each of these crimes comes with its own legal consequences, there is one type of crime against a person that is perhaps the most socially destructive: sex crimes

Louisiana man facing fifth DWI offense

For the vast majority of criminal offenses, there is a compounding degree of severity when it comes to consequences. This means that consequences of being convicted of a particular offense, such as drunk driving, three times will be much more severe than the consequences of being convicted of that same offense for the first time. It is important to enlist the aid of an attorney even on your first offense, because even if the consequences do not seem that severe, such consequences may be much more serious if you are ever accused of the crime again.

Legal defense for Louisiana drug crimes

Many people are familiar with the most notorious and perhaps dangerous drugs on the streets: substances like marijuana, heroin and cocaine. While these drugs carry perhaps the harshest penalties for a conviction of any related crime, they are not the only drugs that people may be arrested in connection with. Possession, trafficking or manufacturing of many other substances such as Ecstasy or LSD may also carry steep penalties.

If you are charged with any kind of drug crime, it is in your best interests to speak with a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible. No matter what your circumstances, legal advice can only benefit you. You may think that your innocence is so obvious that you don't need help, but the law is very zealous in its attempt to earn a conviction. You may also think that the evidence against you is so strong that there is no point defending yourself, but there is always a chance for you to present a strong defense.

Helping Louisiana residents defend against white collar crime

Anyone can face unexpected charges of fraud. When money suddenly goes missing, especially from large groups or corporations, people want to know what happened to it, and they will often stop at nothing to recover it. Unfortunately, this sometimes means recovering money from someone who had nothing to do with its absence. The sad reality is that in many instances, the groups or corporations care less about who actually took their money and more about getting the money back.

Capital punishment in Louisiana

Murder and homicide crimes are among the most serious crimes that one individual can perform against another, which is why the punishment for such crimes is among the most serious punishment for any crime. First-degree murder convictions often carry the most serious legal penalties available in a given state. In some states, this is life in prison without parole or solitary confinement, but in others, it is the death penalty.

Not every state allows the death penalty, but Louisiana is one such state that does. Like most states that employ the death penalty, Louisiana uses lethal injection to administer the punishment, but only on individuals who are at least 18 years of age. There are some other crimes that can result in the convicted individual suffering the death penalty, including aggravated kidnapping and arson. Additionally, especially heinous crimes are often given the death penalty as punishment.

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