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Statutes for violent crimes in Louisiana

A statute of limitations is a time limit by which legal action must be taken for a particular incident. Civil and criminal cases have different statutes, and within these different categories, there are additional statutes depending on the severity of the crime or the infraction. Violent crimes are among the most serious types of criminal acts recognized by the law, so it should come as no surprise that the statutes are rather lengthy for more serious or homicide crimes.

In Louisiana, the criminal statutes are very specific regarding length. The statute depends on the punishment for a crime, but when dealing with homicide and other such violent crimes, there are three classifications that are likely to apply:

A shield from the far-reaching arm of criminal conviction

For most people, it is not a question of "if" it is a question of "when," at least when it comes to whether or not you have or will do anything illegal. When you do something illegal, the "if" has more to do with whether or not you will get caught. When you make a mistake and do something that isn't exactly legal and if you get caught, are you prepared for the possibility of an arrest or the far-reaching shadows that seem determined to follow you and destroy your life as you know it?

Can a passenger drink alcohol in my car?

Every driver in the country knows that it is illegal to consume alcohol and then operate a motor vehicle of any kind, be it a car, motorcycle or even a boat. Law enforcement officials take possible DUI cases very seriously, which is one of the reasons that attempting to claim that an alcoholic beverage belongs to your passenger will likely not save you if you get pulled over.

Attorneys can offer more than legal advice

If you are accused of murder or a homicide crime, you probably do not need to be told about the importance of legal assistance. Presenting the strongest defense case possible is the best chance that you have of having your charges reduced or even dropped, and the aid of an attorney can help you build such a case. However, there is more to a criminal trial than effective legal representation in the courtroom.

When a person is accused of murder, many different parties and factors become involved in an increasingly complex situation. The authorities do all that they can to earn a conviction, and the media does everything within its power to learn more about the alleged crime and the suspect. Throughout all of this, a person who is accused of murder may begin to feel like nobody is on his or her side.

White collar crime convictions could ruin your career

White collar crime may not seem like the most serious area of criminal law that a person could end up on the wrong side of. After all, how many people receive the death penalty for stealing money from a corporation? Even though white collar crime may not seem like a particularly big deal, the truth is that white collar crime could have significant, long-lasting effects on a person's career, in addition to all of the other legal penalties associated with a criminal conviction.

How does Louisiana law treat heroin?

The law and society are both slowly changing opinions on certain drugs, most particularly marijuana, and those who are curious about trying many drugs are often very interested in keeping up on the laws and precedents for these various drugs. While the legalization of marijuana may be gaining popularity in some parts of the country, heroin maintains an extremely negative perception. The penalties for heroin may vary depending on the state, but the consequences of a heroin-related crime are almost always severe.

Knowing your Miranda rights is extremely important

Miranda rights are a fairly well-known aspect of criminal law, thanks largely to the procedurals and crime dramas that dominate primetime television. Nearly everyone is familiar with the speech that officers give to suspected criminals who are being arrested, detailing the person's rights regarding the criminal process. These rights include the right not to say anything and the knowledge that if the suspect does say anything, the statement can be used as evidence against the suspect.

Louisiana couple accused of murdering child

When most people think of murder, they envision a premeditated killing motivated by greed or vengeance; this is a popular portrayal of murder in the movies and on television. Of course, many murders occur in the heat of the moment and are accidental. Sometimes, in a moment of weakness or anger, we might do things that we would never usually do. In some other instances, we may not even be responsible for a death.

Recently in Louisiana, a woman and her boyfriend arrived at the hospital with the woman's son in critical condition. The child's injuries were so severe that he was immediately flown to a nearby Children's Hospital for treatment. Tragically, the four-year-old child succumbed to his injuries. Now the boyfriend of the child's mother and the mother herself are both facing first-degree murder charges as they sit in jail without bond.

Louisiana resident facing fraud charges in Alabama

In September of last year, a Louisiana man was arrested in Alabama and charged with fraud and unregistered sales. This year, that same man has again been arrested on charges of defrauding investors. According to reports, the suspect turned himself in earlier this month before being released on a $15,000 bond.

Sex crimes and the Internet

For years, sex crimes were primarily a matter of physical and forensic evidence. Because many sex crimes are often a matter of one person's word against another, it is difficult to gain reliable witness testimony. Instead, a person who was accused of sexually assaulting another or of engaging in sexual relations with a minor would find law enforcement officials searching for fingerprints or bodily fluids that would prove some kind of sexual relations took place. However, the advent of computers and the Internet has changed the game in many ways.

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