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Embezzlement types and warning signs

Embezzlement is the withholding and conversion of assets by a person who has been trusted by the organization. Businesses might experience embezzlement by a trusted employee with authorization to move fund around. It is considered as theft and could lead to severe ramifications for anyone involved. Businesses who feel money is being embezzled might want to stay vigilant. Employees may embezzle money using several different techniques.

Possession of child pornography

Possession of pornographic material that portrays a minor has been declared illegal by several federal and state laws. Due to the increase in information technology and social media activity, the laws are being utilized to punish Internet offenders. Those involved in the possession, sharing and distribution of child pornography face severe charges and ramifications.

Understanding insider trading

If your business is involved in trading stocks, you must follow all securities laws. A basic understanding of the complicated laws might prevent mistakes. The Securities and Exchange Commission enforces these laws. It takes strict action against any business or individual who does not comply. It is essential to avoid activities that may be classified as insider trading. Inside information that is not available to the general public may not be used to make trades and generate profits.

Defense strategies against first-degree murder

First-degree murder is possibly the worst offense you can be accused of and leads to severe punishment if the jury finds you guilty. The exact sentence varies by state, as some states allow the death penalty while others do not. In almost all cases, the felon will have to spend life in prison, with little chance of parole. Defending clients against accusations of first-degree murder is complicated. There are several defenses that attorneys consider when handling such cases.

Most defenses usually fall into two categories; claiming that the defendant did not commit the crime, or admitting the crime and arguing that first-degree murder was not committed. Defendants who admit to committing murder must prove that it was justified, and they had no other option. Putting forward such a defense puts the onus on you to bring forward proof. You may also argue that the prosecution does not have enough evidence to prove that you willfully and deliberately killed the victim. Using this defense does not require the defense to bring proof, and it puts the prosecution under pressure. Most defense attorneys turn towards mistaken identity as a defense strategy. The defendant asserts an alibi to prove they were somewhere else at the time of the incident. The defense attorney usually tries to bring up other possible suspects who might be involved.

Accused of money laundering?

Criminals often want to make it look like they are earning money through a legitimate business. They conceal the actual source of their money and keep investing it in their own legal business to turn their money white. The term associated with money laundering is racketeering, which describes organized crime, drug trafficking or any other criminal activity that is a source of black money.

Sexual assault laws in the U.S.

Sexual laws in the United States are strict, and may lead to several years in prison. Sexual assault is a crime in which the victim is subjected to unwanted sexual contact. Assault crimes may range from groping to rape, and the sentencing varies accordingly. The exact crimes that fall under sexual assault vary from state to state. It is important to know about state laws before filing a complaint in court.

Drug trafficking laws in the U.S.

Drug problems are on the rise in the United States, and the government has implemented strict measures to control this issue. Drug laws in the U.S. penalize anyone who is involved in the production, transportation or selling of banned substances. The punishment depends on the type of drug, the amount being transported, or the target market. The most common drugs being misused in the U.S. are marijuana, heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine. Drug trafficking is the possession of illegal substances with the intention of selling to others. A sentence of 3-5 years is common for people found guilty of drug trafficking. Drug trafficking is a far more serious offense than drug possession.

Fight smart, not hard

With Baton Rouge continuing to occupy a frenzy of media attention, it is becoming more and more evident how a minor altercation between two people can escalate rapidly and change the course of lives. These life-changing and serious consequences don't just involve those in the altercation, they involve families everywhere, in other cities, other states and anywhere a mother, father, grandparent or child has access to the news.

A different state of acceptance

Throughout the US, many states have made major moves to accept the relevancy of marijuana as a therapeutic or medicinal drug, not only one of recreation and a potential intoxicant. The laws have become far more lenient in many states. However, in Louisiana, state laws around marijuana remain some of the strictest in the nation.

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