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What are the criminal tiers for sexual offenses in Louisiana?

According to the Louisiana State Police, there are several types of sex offenses you could be charged with. Sex offenses against minors is one. These offenses are considered to be criminal offenses against the victim under the age of 18. This does not include situations where the minor is the alleged offender's child. If you are convicted of a sex crime against a child, you will be classified as a child predator.

There are also other kinds of sex offense convictions you could face. For instance, a Tier I sex offender is any person who is convicted of committing or attempting to commit a sex offense listed here. Some include simple rape under subsection 3 of the law, sexual battery of a victim 18 or older, intentional exposure to AIDS, interference with child custody by someone other than a parent or incest. There are also several other offenses that fall under this category.

Stolen car report leads Louisiana deputies to huge drug crop

Illegal drug cultivation or manufacturing charges often include evidence of possession and drug-making ingredients, because charges may not be valid when one element is missing. A Louisiana defendant can be in possession of drugs with no intent to manufacture or distribute. Alternately, an individual may have equipment or products that might be used to grow or produce a drug with no intention of doing so.

Louisiana law enforcers recently found hundreds of marijuana plants growing in a wooded area near Tangipahoa. Sheriff's deputies said more than 300 plants, some exceeding seven feet in height, were discovered along with irrigation and plant drying equipment. Investigators stated there was some sort of nighttime security guard set up to protect the drug crop, estimated to be worth about $1 million, indicating the operation involved high-level distribution.

Louisiana: Murder capital of the United States

Being charged with murder is something that will forever change your life. You need to protect yourself and defend your reputation while you fight those charges. Unfortunately, Louisiana as a state has a poor reputation for violence that could play against you in court. Here are some statistics that you should know, because they may come up in the prosecutor's case against you.

Statistics aren't enough to convict you, of course, but they can be used to color a jury's opinion. Louisiana has reportedly been recognized as the murder capital of the United States. That, of course, does color some people's perspective of the state. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's crime report for 2012 showed that the southern American states are more violent than the rest of the country, with Louisiana having 10.8 murders and nonnegligent manslaughter cases per 100,000 people that year.

Baton Rouge business owner faces 62 fraud, theft counts

Consequences are not light for Louisiana defendants convicted of deceiving others for gain. A fraud conviction can generate criminal and civil penalties including long imprisonment, ruinous fines and restitution. White collar crimes may be prosecuted at a state or federal level.

A Baton Rouge business owner recently was arrested and charged with defrauding a Metairie bookkeeping client. The 40-year-old female defendant was accused of stealing more than half a million dollars from playground consultants Dyna-Play. The company used Accurate Bookkeeping Services, the defendant's company, for three years before financial discrepancies were noticed.

TV personality allegedly killed by son-in-law in Louisiana

This case involving a murder is unusual to say the least. The man who was killed by his son-in-law has a checkered past, and there is little information on why the son-in-law shot him before trying to kill himself. It's been suggested that the pair's relationship may have been the reason for the murder.

A Baton Rouge TV personality has allegedly had a sexual relationship with his son-in-law, the Iberville sheriff claims. The TV personality died recently after his son-in-law allegedly shot and killed him. The 52-year-old man was the host of the "Around Town" show on WAFB-TV in Louisiana.

Baton Rouge English teacher booked on teen sex crime charges

A charge of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, sometimes called statutory rape, can be a misdemeanor or a felony. The dividing line between the allegations is the difference in ages between the alleged victim and offender. According to Louisiana laws for minor sex offenses, the more serious felony occurs when a person 17 or older is at least four years older than a 13- to 16-year-old.

The parents of a student at Riverdale Christian Academy in Baton Rouge found sexually explicit texts on their son's phone. The 16-year-old told his parents, and later police, the messages had come from a high school English teacher. The teen and the 41-year-old female teacher allegedly also exchanged nude pictures.

What are sobriety checkpoints and are they legal in Louisiana?

Have you ever been in a row of cars being stopped by police and wondered what was going on? There's a good explanation, and it has to do with safety and traffic laws in the state.

Sobriety checkpoints are also known as DUI or DWI checkpoints. These are locations where the police or other local law enforcement can set up a stop where they can check drivers passing through the area. The purpose of this is to find drivers who are driving over the legal alcohol limit, but it's also used to find fugitives, to catch those violating state traffic laws and for checking for drugs in some instances.

Fraud can lead to federal charges and punishments in Louisiana

In a previous post, you read about a woman who was allegedly caught siphoning money into her bank accounts from the accounts of her employers. She may have even used a credit card from the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge to pay some of her bills and to purchase prepaid credit cards.

In her case, the woman was found to have had a criminal background related to fraud, and that could work against her in court. She was arrested and fired from her job, which leaves her without an income and in a position where it could be hard to get rehired in the future.

Baton Rouge passenger charged with causing DWI crash

Louisiana's open container law, R.S. 32:300, forbids the possession of open alcoholic beverage containers while motor vehicles are in operation. The law extends to passengers as well as drivers. The law is intended to cut down on drunk driving, but it doesn't cover the legal troubles a Baton Rouge passenger recently had.

The 51-year-old man was charged with DWI, after a pedestrian accident. The defendant was not sitting in the driver's seat at the time of the Saturday night collision. The intoxicated passenger allegedly wrested control of a Chevrolet Impala away from the driver.

Drivers do not have to plead guilty in Louisiana DUI cases

Drivers who have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol sometimes make the mistake of thinking that they have to plead guilty, but we think that it is very important for them to know that this is not the case. They do have the freedom to enter any plea that they choose, no matter how the arrest was made, depending on the direction that they want things to go.

The first thing that someone who has been pulled over for a DUI needs to know is what technically qualifies as a DUI in this state. These are state laws, after all. In Louisiana, the legal limit is .08 when it comes to blood alcohol concentration or BAC.

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